Jan 1, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Spotlight on HONDURAS

Honduras is a beautiful country with lush green mountains and beautiful beaches. It is also home to the city of Copan; the Athens of ancient Mayan Civilization.
The people of Honduras are 90% Mestizo, which is mixed Amerindian and European descent. Amerindians make up 7%, and the remaining 3% encompasses blacks and whites. Spanish is the common language; however, Amerindian dialects are also prevalent.

Tourist activities include hikes through Honduras’ tropical rain forest, fishing, kayaking, diving, and visits to banana plantations.

50% of Hondurans live below the poverty level; this has made Honduras a particularly attractive locale for Volunteer Vacations.

Volunteers become involved in a wide range of projects, including teaching, childcare, and building houses and schools. They live with a local family and help the community while getting a new perspective on life in Central America.

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