Jul 31, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Get That Job!

With almost 16 million people out of work, job competition is fierce. The consensus is that no one is hiring; however, most companies are not out of business. The number of positions available are limited, but they do exist.

There are many things you can do to give yourself an edge in this market. It is important to remain positive and diligent in your search, but keep these tips in mind:

 Focus. Applying for jobs for which you’re not qualified is a waste of time and effort. However, don’t be unwilling to accept a pay cut or less benefits for something in your field. Getting a foot in the door is much more valuable in this economy.

 Don’t rely solely on the internet for your job search. Job search databases are flooded with resumes; and so, footwork is a requisite.

 Contact the companies in which you’re interested in working. They sometimes have positions available that are not made readily available to the public.

 Research the company and position of interest and tailor your cover letter to suit that position. Your résumé should also highlight the qualities you’re bringing to the company rather than ones that are irrelevant.

If you get an interview, you already have the qualifications needed for the position. The key is to sell yourself; make them see that they need you.

 The interview begins when you arrive. Arrive early and be courteous to everyone, including the receptionist.

 Always dress in a neat and professional manner. Even if told to dress casually, wearing a nice suit will make a great impression.

 Be attentive during the interview; keep eye contact with your interviewer and turn your cell phone off.

 Don’t speak badly of any of your former employers. Focus on what you can bring to the company with whom you’re interviewing.

 Bring questions. When you don’t ask questions at the end, it appears that you’re not interested in the position.

 After the interview, send a thank you note, either by email or a handwritten card in the mail. This is common practice as well as common courtesy.

 Following up with a call after a few days is fine. Calling and emailing constantly or stopping by the office is not.

 Don’t stop your job search while waiting for the company to respond. The worst thing that can happen from interviewing with other companies is that you receive multiple offers.

But really… does that sound like a problem to you?

Soule Restaurant's Spotlight on BARBADOS!

Barbados is the Caribbean island that lies the furthest east; it is unique in that it was created by the merging of two land masses by volcanic action. The island is primarily flat, gently sloping inward to a central highland region, and is famous for its pristine white sand beaches.

Although Barbados was originally inhabited by Arawaks, and then Caribs, the island was deserted upon the arrival of England in 1627. England imported slaves and began cultivating tobacco and cotton, and later, sugarcane.

Its population now consists of 90% black, 4% white and 6% Asian and mixed descent, and Barbadians or Bajans (colloquial pronunciation), are known for being exceptionally friendly and generous.

August is a festive time for Barbados, with the finale of the country’s five-week summer festival called Crop Over. Historically, Crop Over marked the end of the sugar season, when a festival was held to celebrate the sugarcane harvest. With the decline of the Barbados sugar industry in the ‘40’s, the traditional Crop Over festival came to an end. The tradition was revived in 1974 and infused with other elements of Barbadian culture to produce the current extravaganza that attracts revelers from all over the world.

Soule Restaurant's August Calendar of Events

Sundays, 11am – 3pm
Sunday Brunch

Soulé's Signature Caribbean & Southern-Style Sunday Brunch is the perfect family tradition. Spend a late morning with family over Southern Fried Chicken with Waffles, delicious Jamaican Ackee & Saltfish, or American Eggs with Bacon and Toast.

There’s something to suit even the most discriminate palate!

Tuesday, August 11th & 25th, 7pm – 11pm
Spoken Word Open Mic

Welcome to Soulé's bi-weekly Spoken Word Spotlight!

Stop in to hear the collective creative vibes of local poets, or share your work!

Please contact Nichole at soulerestaurant@comcast.net to be listed in the lineup.

Thursdays, 6pm – 11pm
BYOB Karaoke at Soulé

Soulé’s new weekly BYOB Karaoke Thursdays begins on August 13th with a Blast from the ‘80’s! Be prepared to croon with Pat Benetar and Cyndi Lauper, Billy Joel and Whitney Houston!

*80’s gear not required, but it would be pretty cool…

Sunday, August 23th, 7pm – 10pm
Poetry Reading & Book Signing

Onika Pascal, talented poet and author of A See Through Soul will share some of her poetry from her new release, Bardvillian Symphonies at a Reading and Book Signing at Soulé International from 7 – 10pm.

The mic will also be open to those who want to share their work, so bring your poetry and pens, and join us!

Poets, please contact Nichole at soulerestaurant@comcast.net to be included in the lineup.

Sunday, August 30th, 7pm – 10pm
Resumé Development Workshop & Book Signing

Andrea Mosley, author of The Pink Slip: Human Resources Secrets for the Displaced Worker will host a Résumé Development Workshop and Book Signing at Soulé International from 7 – 10pm.

Andrea has over 15 years experience in the Human Resources arena, and has found that in this depressed economy, competition for jobs is fierce; her book outlines specifics on resumé revision, as well as methods of reentering the job market. Don’t miss this opportunity for a personalized consultation with this knowledgeable young woman!


Soule Restaurant's Food Facts: GINGER

Ginger is well-known in the Caribbean for its effect on the digestive tract. It is frequently used to eliminate the nausea from stomach virus’ as well as the morning sickness of pregnancy. However, its healing powers are well-known in Eastern societies as well.

Pythagorus was one of the greatest supporters of ginger in Ancient Greece, and King Henry VIII of England used it to protect against the plague. (Although its effectiveness with the plague remains unclear.)

In India, ginger is consumed on a daily basis in a lemon, honey and ginger tea, made by peeling and cutting a two-inch piece of ginger into thin strips and letting them sit in a cup of hot water with fresh honey and lemon; delicious, despite its healthy qualities.

Ginger prevents motion sickness just as well as Dramamine, and prevents migraines as would aspirin. Like aspirin, it also thins the blood, improving circulation.

It is used for heartburn, stomach cramps, and as an anti-inflammatory, relieving the pain of arthritis

One interesting study found that ginger induces cell death in ovarian cancer cells, and slows the progression of colon cancer.

Ginger does not interact with any other nutrients or drugs in the body. However, it should not be taken up to four days prior to surgery due to its blood thinning effect.

Soule Restaurant: Having a Picnic? Take Us Along!

Soule is ready to handle all of your catering needs!

Save time and energy without sacrificing quality.

Have Soulé cater your Picnic or Barbecue!

Crispy buffalo wings or sweet barbecue chicken with creamy potato salad and a fresh garden salad... without the hassle.

Call Soulé for details. (718) 399-7200

Try Soule's Latest Menu Offering: Sweet & Sour Shrimp

Sweet & Sour Sauce was bought to the islands with the migration of Asians in the 1840’s, where it then developed into a tangier version with a pineapple-ginger influence that remains indigenous to the Caribbean

Soule Restaurant: Workout... For the Bedroom?

“The most erotic dancer I ever saw was a 250 pound Jewish girl wearing braces, who, as she got up to dance, just floated… I was awestruck; dumbfounded by her beauty. This is when I realized that it doesn’t matter what you look like; it’s about how you move your body... when those hips moved, the men were riveted.”
Sheila Kelley, Founder of S Factor Fitness

Working out is effective when done consistently, but sometimes, it’s just not fun. For those who need more motivation, there is a solution.

Pole Dancing!

In preparation for a movie role as a stripper, Sheila Kelley became more fit than ever, as well as more comfortable with her body. Inspired, she created S Factor; a fitness method that incorporates ballet and yoga into pole dancing. Her method encourages more overtly sexual behavior, inspiring women to have more confidence in their curves.

Embraced in Hollywood and backed by many, including Teri Hatcher, Kate Hudson and Oprah Winfrey, classes are now available in New York. An Intro to Pole Dancing class teaches the basics before moving to Climb & Spin class.

One of the first moves you’ll learn is the Walk Around; simple, but very sexy. With shoulders pulled back and butt and chest out, hold the pole in the crook of your arm and strut slowly and with confidence around the pole.

Another is called the Bridge. Hold the pole with one hand and straddle it while slowly bending your knees and arching your back, easing backwards until you can see the person behind you.

The erotic Ripple is done holding the pole with one hand and leaning forward with your shoulders, butt out. Move your stomach forward until it touches the pole, and pull your shoulders back until the pole is between your legs in slow motion.
The Leg Grip is harder than it looks; hold the pole with both hands and jump onto it, gripping it between your thighs, while extending one leg and spinning.

The Reverse Hold is done by grasping the pole with both hands, arms extended above your head. Hook the pole in the bend of your right leg and cross your feet behind you, spinning slowly and seductively.

These moves don’t sound very athletic, but they work.

They’re also a pretty cool way to spice up your personal life… did I mention you can get a portable pole for a really good price?

Soule Restaurant: Featuring Victor Torres!

As you can probably tell, Soulé’s own
Victor Torres is also a comedian.

Join us at his comedy spotlight:

Another Night with ILL and Friends
On August 15th from 9:30pm to 11pm at
The Duplex
61 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village.

For reservations, go to http://www.theduplex.com/webcalendar/view_entry.php?id=4369&date=20090815

Soule Restaurant: Rolling High, Coasting Fast, Standing Tall

My son is so overdue for a haircut.

But for the past three weeks, he’s appealed to me to wait, because he only needs one more inch to be 54-inches, and then he can go on all of the roller coasters at Dorney Park.

I’ve allowed this to continue because… well, it’s genius, don’t you think?
I’ve never understood why people are afraid of roller coasters. I mean, they’re safe. Safer even than cars and airplanes. When was the last time you heard of roller coaster trains derailing or crashing into each other? Let me guess: Never.

Busch Gardens revealed recently that they’re taking the Big Bad Wolf out of commission on September 7th. This is simply tragic. The seats on the Big Bad Wolf are attached to the track at the top, so that you’re suspended, giving the illusion that there is no support. The anticipation before the ride begins is insane! Its twists and turns won’t disappoint, and when you arrive at the end safely, the only thing left to do is get back in line, just to see if you can survive again.

The crazy coils of Kings Dominion’s Anaconda is irresistible as well; it was the first looping roller coaster to feature an underwater tunnel. Too cool…

Brooklyn’s Coney Island has its lure as well, with its celebrated Cyclone. It’s not a particularly grand or impressive roller coaster, but it’s wooden, making the entire ride feel somewhat precarious. (Though still safe!)

Sadly enough, we couldn’t ride the Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure last year. My son was so disappointed. The world’s fastest (128 mph) and tallest (45 stories) coaster on Earth, right in front of us, flaunting its intensity in our faces and we couldn’t ride! But alas, at 48-inches, there was just no chance for my son.

He did get to ride Steel Force at Dorney Park, just meeting the height requirement, and with a 205-foot drop, two tunnels, and speeds reaching 75 mph, this coaster is not to be taken lightly.

However, his heart was set on Dorney’s Hydra. Unfortunately, with a 54-inch admittance requirement, it was not even an option last year.

Of course this meant I couldn’t ride either. It’s kind of mean to get on a roller coaster with your kid watching from the sideline morosely.

And so, he still needs a haircut.

Really badly.

Soule Restaurant: God Bless... Cell Phones

I love getting a new cell phone. It gives me time to clear out my personal life.


I just got a new phone. I won’t say the cell phone provider’s name, nor will I say the maker of my new phone, ‘cause they didn’t cut me a check.

And I don’t pay the 20 dollars or whatever the charge is to have them transfer over my contacts. I like to go through all the numbers I have:

Mom and Pop.

My daughter.

My supervisor for those days I have to call in sick (or when I score some tickets to a Yankees game).

My boss at my 2nd job.

And then I come across some numbers that I need to self debate with.

Paris: The stripper that I met at Goldfinger’s in Queens. She told me that she liked me a lot and for $500, I could have "relations" with her.


Lisa R.: Email address only.


Vicky: Young lady that told me she can't speak with me for a year. She needs to find herself. Who the hell was I talking to then?


Melissa Q.: The enigma wrapped in a riddle. She loves me. She hates me. She loves me. She hates me. She yells at me. Apologizes to me. Lives in another state.
Save number for comedic purposes.

There's also the DO NOT ANSWERS I have to add. You know, the crazy stalkers, the lunatics…

Who am I kidding? The only lunatic I know is writing this.

I wonder how many people have put me under DO NOT ANSWER. Guess I'll never know.

SHAMELESS PLUG: August 15th, I'm performing at THE DUPLEX in the Village at 9:30PM.
“ANOTHER NIGHT WITH ILL AND FRIENDS” will be just as crazy as the first night.

Last show was a success and by success, I mean, wasn't raided by the police. If anyone is interested, seating is limited and you can go to www.theduplex.com and look for the show under August 15th for reservations. Or you can call 212-255-5438.

Tell 'em ILL sent ya.
Victor Torres

Soule Restaurant: The Buzz

The city-owned Strand Theatre at 647 Fulton Street will be renovated for expanded use by BRIC – the Brooklyn cultural organization that manages Celebrate Brooklyn… Homeless? The city will buy you a plane ticket to anywhere… Coke is introducing a new product: Carbonated Milk. Is it just me who’s a bit skeeved?... Cops in Brooklyn are investigating "multiple animal tongues nailed to various trees" in Prospect Park. Huh?... The Daily News has a report card on our beaches, and of the 13 rated in the annual "Testing the Water" guide, things aren't looking so good… Former MTA worker and new multimillionaire Aubrey Boyce picked up his $133 million from the Mega Millions folks at Grand Central -- nearly $55 million (post tax) in a lump sum payment. Is he single? (I’m kidding!)… At a time when many families are cutting back on eating out, the City Council is reminding parents that there’s a way their children can eat for free. The Department of Education’s Summer Meals Program provides free breakfast and lunch for children under 18… Word on the street is that British mega-brand Topshop may open its doors in Fort Greene next year. Like H&M but trendier, Topshop has more of a cult following and is a bit more expensive. The opening of the Soho store was so intense that they now employ bouncers to keep order among the masses…

Jul 7, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Summertime in the City!

Summertime in the city. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For some, this elicits images of a concrete jungle with heat emanating from the sidewalks and smoggy air.

New Yorkers have a secret, though. Summer in New York is the best! There’s so much to do, whether you remain in our great borough of Brooklyn, or visit surrounding areas.

Aside from being the home of the greatest Caribbean & Soul restaurant ever, Brooklyn is filled with cultural and nature-related activities.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one; bring bread to feed the ducks as you lounge at the lake enjoying your Soulé picnic. Adjacent to BBG lies Prospect Park, where you can bike or hike, paddleboat or picnic. The Bandshell features live musicians all summer as well. Cross the street to visit the Grand Army Plaza library and Brooklyn Museum; both are great escapes on rainy summer days. Brooklyn is also home to many street fairs and festivals. Check out www.visitbrooklyn.org or www.celebratebrooklyn.org for more information.

One of the cool things about the city of New York is it’s an island; hence, you don’t have to rule out the beach when making summer plans.

Coney Island’s amusement park is a blast! Walk down a bit to Brighton Beach, or hop on the bus over the Manhattan Beach for a fun day in the sun.

Manhattan is an excellent options as well. Visit the South Street Seaport and take a Circle Line boat around the Statue of Liberty. Some have DJs and bartenders… excellent option for a nice summer night. Of course there’s always the oasis that lies at its heart: Central Park. Bring your bikes or roller blades, a baseball and glove; or bring nothing--exploring is just as fun. Need a break from the outdoors? Try the Museum of Natural History, on 81st Street, across from Central Park.
Dinosaur bones never fail to fascinate my son.

Outside of Brooklyn and Manhattan, there’s the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanic Gardens or Flushing Meadow Park. Or you can do what most people who come to New York do: shop!

Just outside the city, there’s Woodbury Commons, Jersey Gardens, or the Tangier Outlets of Riverhead, Long Island. Long Island is also home to Splish Splash Waterpark and the beaches and vineyards of Southampton.

Just don’t forget to order your catered lunch from Soulé in advance!

Soule Restaurant's Calendar of Events

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Sunday, July 12th
All Day Michael Jackson Karaoke

In honor of Michael Jackson, Soulé is hosting an All-Day Michael Jackson Karaoke on Sunday, July 12th. Bring your favorite Michael Jackson CD and be prepared to tell your favorite Michael Jackson stories!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Tuesday, July 14th & 28th, 7pm – 11pm
Spoken Word Open Mic

Soule’s next Spoken Word Spotlight is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14th, from 7pm. See you there!

Saturday, July 25th, 8pm - 11pm
Live Jazz at Soule!

Daniela Schachter and Oleg Osenkov
Live at Soulé on Saturday, July 25th from 8 – 11pm!!

Enjoy their smooth vibes over dinner with your sweetheart…

Gentlemen—THIS is the date she won’t forget!

Soule's Homestyle Caribbean Soul Food Brunch
Every Sunday

Soule's delicious Caribbean & Southern-Style Sunday Brunch is the perfect family tradition. Southern Fried Chicken with Waffles, delicious Jamaican Ackee & Saltfish, or American Eggs with Bacon and Toast, (or any other variation!)

Family Sunday Brunch, every Sunday!

Come taste the flavor of Soule!

Soule Restaurant: Spotlight on BAHAMAS

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Baja Mar, named by the Spanish, consists of about 700 islands, 2,400 uninhabited islets and cays extending for about 760 miles, of which about 30 are inhabited. Located off the coast of Florida, the capital is Nassau; other islands include Grand Bahama, The Berry Islands, Bimini, Andros, Inagua, Mayaguana, Crooked Island, Rum Cay/San Salvador, Cat Island, and Eleutera/Harbour Island. With a population of over 300,000, ethnicity is 85% black, 12% white, and 3% Asian and Hispanic; however, the original settlers were Arawaks, decimated by disease shortly after Columbus’ arrival in 1492.

Although the official language of the islands is English, Creole is also frequently used, bought by Haitian immigrants.

The country has a colorful history; with English settlers seeking religious freedom; pirates who used its shallow waters to trap and plunder ships; an escape for Confederates after the Civil War, who migrated with slaves rather than acquiesce to the Union’s victory, and rum running during Prohibition. Its economy now consists predominantly of tourism, financial services, and international shipping, and is one of the richest Caribbean islands.

Soule Restaurant: Michael Jackson, The Legend

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Before Farrah Fawcett’s unfortunate passing, I watched Good Morning America features on her life and felt… uh… very little. I mean, her death bought attention to our need for cancer research; but personally, I felt nothing.

Ed McMahon’s passing elicited a similar apathy. I mean, these are public figures, not personal friends.

And then there was Michael.

No… other than in my imagination, we’d never met. And yet, Michael Jackson was a prominent figure in my life. His music was a tremendous influence to generations of people. He revolutionized music videos, created fashion trends, and raised the bar for musicians.

I remember playing the Jackson 5 Christmas album when I was younger, (you know… the big black CD). I would sit and stare at his image on the album jacket and imagine the person he was.

I imagined that he was somewhat rebellious, but sweet; full of energy and passion for his music, with an infinite love for his family and friends. I wanted to know the person behind that tremendous talent, and I like to imagine that my estimation of his character was very much on point.

I remember watching a Michael Jackson special on our state-of-the-art 11-inch black and white TV. No HD, but yet, when he danced, my heart pounded. I watched as people in the audience passed out and were carried out over the crowds and felt their overwhelming awe of being in his presence. I wanted to be there.

I understood the magnitude of his being. Long before Thriller… long before Never Never Land… long before the scandals that I choose not to believe… I understood that this man was a genius.

Michael Jackson’s talent was so considerable, it was virtually impossible to contain. It forced him to become somewhat of a recluse, or risk being lovingly torn to pieces by his adoring fans.

I remember when my friend Marlon got the Thriller album. She told me that it came with a black, curly hair that was very shiny and smelled really good, stuck in the album jacket. Hair that she’d discarded.

I was devastated.

Didn’t she know? That was Michael Jackson’s hair! I couldn’t believe she could be so callous and insensitive. Things were never the same between us afterwards.

Michael Jackson tried to make us raise our standards as a people. He admonished us to reflect on the Man in the Mirror while considering those who were less fortunate. He wooed us with Baby Be Mine, made our hearts soar with the Butterflies of first love and nursed us through our first heartbreak with Who’s Loving You, while still allowing us to Remember the Time of love. A man who is now tragically, inexplicably Out of Our Lives.

When Princess Diana passed away, I understood that we had lost a great woman; a humanitarian. I understood the period of mourning that spanned nations.

With Michael Jackson’s death, I am greatly saddened. I feel as if I’ve lost a personal friend; a friend who contributed much in his lifetime, and was misunderstood in many ways. A tragic figure who will remain a legend until the end of time.

I’m saddened.

Tremendously saddened.

And I will love him forever.

Soule Restaurant: Sons of Liberty - Patriots or Terrorists?

It is commonly believed that Britain’s levy of a tax on tea was what started the Revolutionary War. In reality, the Tea Act placed no new tax on tea; it simply gave a tax break to the East India Tea Company.

The company was struggling due to competition from tea smuggled in to the colonists and sold for less. In order to help the East India Tea Company, Britain reduced their tariff on tea, allowing them to lower their price and effectively compete with the smugglers.

Although this would have benefited the colonists economically, many assumed the viewpoint that Britain preferred to help the private tea company rather than see colonial smugglers profit.

This view was already prevalent due to the controversial Stamp Tax imposed by Britain on November 1, 1765. Britain felt that it was their right to tax the colonists to pay for the Seven Year War, for which they believed the colonists had benefited. Without representation in Parliament; however, the colonists believed any taxation to be unjust.

The Sons of Liberty was a secret organization that performed most of the acts that spurred the war, including the act now known as the Boston Tea Party.

Largely through violence, they forced the resignation of many stamp distributers within the colonies.

They raided the ships in Boston and tossed the tea into the ocean, polluting the local fishing area, and attempted to frame the Mohawk Indians by dressing in their native garb.

Patriots or Terrorists?

I guess that depends on whose history you read.

Soule Restaurant: Food Facts: Spinach

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in existence; a source of more than 20 different measurable nutrients, and yet one cup has 40 calories and no fat!
Especially rich in Vitamins C & A, spinach helps to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which makes it stick to the walls of blood vessels. Just a salad size portion can lower blood pressure in 2 – 4 hours.

One amazing effect of spinach consumption is its ability to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Spinach possesses a carotinoid called neoxanthin that induces cancer cells to self-destruct. In the intestines, it converts to neochromes which puts prostate cancer cells into a state of stasis, stopping them from replicating.

Other benefits of regular spinach consumption includes protection against osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer, and conditions with inflammatory symptoms like arthritis and asthma.

Finally, spinach is very rich in iron; a very important fact because iron is usually found in red meat. Eating spinach can provide that iron without the fat and calories!

Soule Restaurant: Happy Birthday America!

Happy Belated Birthday, America!

I was in Maryland this festive 4th and had an interesting thought... Well, to me anyway...

America celebrates its independence. Cool. But in this day and age of Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, we leave ourselves open to let people know everything we are doin'. Just imagine if in revolutionary times, there was Twitter.

Paulrevere61: The British are coming! The British are coming! I'll start my ride at around 11 PM so the non-computer users will know. LOLOLOL

…Knowing good and damn well that some British officers probably followed his tweets.


They cut him off at the giddy-up… and we are now eating tea and crumpets.

Or perhaps General Washington post victory tweeted:

WoodToothGeorge: LMFAO aT aLl My HaTeRz!!! DelaWaRe RiVeR ShOuLdA Came HaRdEr ThAn Dat!

I say this to say that we are becoming lazy, but are willing to give all our information. Pick up a bottle of Mountain Dew-- Mountain is now abbreviated... and not even correctly.

It says MNT DEW. Mt. Is the proper abbreviation.

You can now follow Sportscenter on Twitter. You know where else you can follow Sportscenter? On Sportscenter.

Sad, aint it?

Victor Torres

Soule Restaurant: The Buzz

Soulé is being reviewed by Flavor Isle! Stay tuned… The Green Grape on Fulton Street was recently named New York Wine and Spirit Retailer of the Year! Congratulations, neighbor… A new hotel is being built at 231 Duffield Place, near a Sheraton Hotel now under construction… Join Soule at the July 26th Eco & Art Festival at Prospect Park’s Carousel Entrance! Go green with free workshops and activities for children. All sponsored by Senator Eric Adams… There are plenty of beautiful women across the East River, but Miss Manhattan isn’t one of them. That’s because this year’s reigning Miss Manhattan, Inga Schlingmann, lives and works in Brooklyn… The measles is back—in Brooklyn! City officials said that at least 11 cases of the measles have been reported in the last two months… The Great Recession is pummeling home prices in Brooklyn, indiscriminately gutting real estate values in almost every neighborhood surveyed, a recent study revealed… A new tree-lined landscape is being created on the cleared surface of what was Pier 1, next to Fulton Ferry Landing, the pier closest to Brooklyn Bridge... “Brooklyn in Transition: A Photographic Essay of the Gowanus” is currently on display in the Grand Lobby of the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza…