Jul 31, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Rolling High, Coasting Fast, Standing Tall

My son is so overdue for a haircut.

But for the past three weeks, he’s appealed to me to wait, because he only needs one more inch to be 54-inches, and then he can go on all of the roller coasters at Dorney Park.

I’ve allowed this to continue because… well, it’s genius, don’t you think?
I’ve never understood why people are afraid of roller coasters. I mean, they’re safe. Safer even than cars and airplanes. When was the last time you heard of roller coaster trains derailing or crashing into each other? Let me guess: Never.

Busch Gardens revealed recently that they’re taking the Big Bad Wolf out of commission on September 7th. This is simply tragic. The seats on the Big Bad Wolf are attached to the track at the top, so that you’re suspended, giving the illusion that there is no support. The anticipation before the ride begins is insane! Its twists and turns won’t disappoint, and when you arrive at the end safely, the only thing left to do is get back in line, just to see if you can survive again.

The crazy coils of Kings Dominion’s Anaconda is irresistible as well; it was the first looping roller coaster to feature an underwater tunnel. Too cool…

Brooklyn’s Coney Island has its lure as well, with its celebrated Cyclone. It’s not a particularly grand or impressive roller coaster, but it’s wooden, making the entire ride feel somewhat precarious. (Though still safe!)

Sadly enough, we couldn’t ride the Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure last year. My son was so disappointed. The world’s fastest (128 mph) and tallest (45 stories) coaster on Earth, right in front of us, flaunting its intensity in our faces and we couldn’t ride! But alas, at 48-inches, there was just no chance for my son.

He did get to ride Steel Force at Dorney Park, just meeting the height requirement, and with a 205-foot drop, two tunnels, and speeds reaching 75 mph, this coaster is not to be taken lightly.

However, his heart was set on Dorney’s Hydra. Unfortunately, with a 54-inch admittance requirement, it was not even an option last year.

Of course this meant I couldn’t ride either. It’s kind of mean to get on a roller coaster with your kid watching from the sideline morosely.

And so, he still needs a haircut.

Really badly.

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