Jul 7, 2009

Soule Restaurant's Calendar of Events

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Sunday, July 12th
All Day Michael Jackson Karaoke

In honor of Michael Jackson, Soulé is hosting an All-Day Michael Jackson Karaoke on Sunday, July 12th. Bring your favorite Michael Jackson CD and be prepared to tell your favorite Michael Jackson stories!

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Tuesday, July 14th & 28th, 7pm – 11pm
Spoken Word Open Mic

Soule’s next Spoken Word Spotlight is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14th, from 7pm. See you there!

Saturday, July 25th, 8pm - 11pm
Live Jazz at Soule!

Daniela Schachter and Oleg Osenkov
Live at Soulé on Saturday, July 25th from 8 – 11pm!!

Enjoy their smooth vibes over dinner with your sweetheart…

Gentlemen—THIS is the date she won’t forget!

Soule's Homestyle Caribbean Soul Food Brunch
Every Sunday

Soule's delicious Caribbean & Southern-Style Sunday Brunch is the perfect family tradition. Southern Fried Chicken with Waffles, delicious Jamaican Ackee & Saltfish, or American Eggs with Bacon and Toast, (or any other variation!)

Family Sunday Brunch, every Sunday!

Come taste the flavor of Soule!

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