Dec 1, 2009

Soule Restaurant:

Number ten: Quit smoking.

But then I’ll have to be like the nonsmokers in the office with no breaks!

Number nine: Get a better job.

Actually… maybe I should just focus on getting A JOB.

Number eight: Go back to school.

Wait… tuition is HOW MUCH?

Number seven: Spend more time with family.

Yes… even the cousin with the gastrointestinal disorder…

Number six: Start going to church every Sunday.

Do they have intermission?

Number five: Get out of debt.

First… get a job.

Number four: Start going out more often, living life.

See number five.

Number three: Start traveling more often.

See number five.

Number two: Find a soul mate.

…I’ll start at Soulé.

Number one: Lose the belly bulge.

My diet starts NOW. Right after I finish this burger with fries…

Soule Restaurant: Spotlight on ARGENTINA

Argentina is the 4th largest company in the Americas; its territory encompasses mountains, plains, forests, arid zones, and ice fields.

The country has a heavy European influence, with architecture reminiscent to that of Barcelona, Paris and Rome. The official language is Spanish, however, Italian is also frequently used; the language of its largest immigrant group.

Argentines have an excellent system of education, and generally possess very refined tastes and customs. They take great pride in their dance, art and architecture.

Although the point of origin for many dances, the Argentine Tango dominates others in popularity. Museums, galleries and great architecture can be found in abundance in the capitol city, Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires’ weather remains temperate all year round, with warm temperatures from September to April and mild winter months from June to August.

The book readers in the outdoor cafés, the dancers in the smoky tango bars, and the passionate citizens discussing government and futbol on the street-corners are all part of the essence of Buenos Aires.

The city has one of the greatest entertainment and nightlife hubs in the world.

Soule Restaurant: December Highlights

* In partnership with iShop Brooklyn, Soulé is now offering 3-course meals for $23 during the month of December!

* Join Soulé and New York Cares in our effort to keep New York Warm! Soulé is proud to be a part of this vital mission, and we appreciate any and all contributions of gently used outerwear.

Soule Restaurant: Coconut Curry Salmon

Try Soulé’s latest menu offering:

Coconut Curry Salmon

Curry is a spice native to India and bought to the Caribbean with East Indian immigrants.

Soulé’s Coconut Salmon version is delicious, and unique to Soulé!

Soule Restaurant: Capitalistic Christmas

"Christmas is an invention of a capitalistic society. It's just a way for retailers to make everyone spend money."

"We shouldn't need society to dictate when we buy gifts for loved ones. This should be done all year long..."

We all have one of those friends, I think. The Grinch around the holidays, condemning goodwill as evil… but if you think about it, they have a point.

We should show how much we care all year long, and with our actions rather than gifts. But really, we don't.

We get caught up with working and school and paying bills and taking care of the needs of our families and thoughtfulness is placed on the back burner.

So yes, maybe it IS a way to put retailers in the black. And maybe it HAS become a commercial holiday dictated by society to force us to acknowledge our loved ones every year.

And maybe we need one of these in June too.

Soule Restaurant's Food Facts: Chocolate

Cocoa beans are a rich source of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese, A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and pantothenic acid.

They also contain a large amount of polyphenols and are known to reduce high blood pressure as well as reduce the blood’s ability to clot, effectively lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Phenylethylamine, also found in cocoa, is an antidepressant and stimulant similar to dopamine and adrenaline.

Cocoa increases levels of Serotonin in the brain; these levels are often decreased in people with depression and in those experiencing PMS symptoms.

But don’t get too excited…

Cocoa beans contain approximately 50% fat, and the calorie count for chocolate is very high because of the fat and sugar content.

A small square of dark bittersweet chocolate every three days is ideal for cardiovascular health, but the negative affects of eating more outweighs the positive.

Soule Restaurant: Christmas in the City

The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.

It's like Rockefeller Center; synonymous with Christmas in New York. I've always wanted to go, but tickets are pretty expensive.

And so, bubbling with excitement, I rushed to the office to call my brother Alex after being handed a discount card with ticket codes that gave 50% off.

"We can get tickets to Radio City's Christmas Spectacular for just $50!"

"You're on your own, son."


"The Christmas Spectacular doesn't even have a story line. It's just a lot of holiday crap thrown together. "

I hung up, pretty dejected. It would've been such a nice addition to our family holiday outing.

Maybe I could persuade Alex if I got my other brother Richard on-board. I'll just plan the entire day first so they'll both see how exciting this outing will be.

We'll meet at the ice skating rink at 42nd Street, Bryant Park. The line to ice skate is usually about 2-hours long, but it's fun with all the kids. We'll skate for maybe an hour. If we start at noon, we'll be done by 3pm. The exertion from skating is warming but my hands always remain cold. Hot chocolate warms them nicely, immediately afterwards.

This year, I want to add Toys R Us to our itinerary. They have a life-size dinosaur replica from Jurassic Park that moves and roars and menaces the crowd.

It's so cool.

The ferris wheel is pretty corny, but we have to ride it.

'Cause it's THERE.

My absolute favorite part of the 42nd Street Toys R Us is the CANDY section! It's like being in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory with machines filled with giant Gummy Snakes and Swedish Fish and Sour Power and Chocolate Turtles and Raisinettes and Goobers and Skittles and M&Ms and anything else you can think of! And they have lollipops as big as our heads!

Okay… deep breath.

We’ll go to Toys R Us.

After Toys R Us, we'll head uptown to take pictures by the Rockefeller Center tree and angels. Then we'll watch Saks Fifth Avenue's snowflake light show before crossing Fifth Avenue to check out their storybook windows.

They're always pretty cool.

From Saks, we'll head further uptown, over to 56th and 5th, where we can check out the beautiful Tiffany Snowflake, suspended at the intersection, high above the street.

FAO Schwartz is right around the corner from Tiffany's. They have the coolest toys... Even a working Lamborghini for kids!! Of course we're not in the market for these $40,000 toys, but we'll stop and play a bit.

By my calculations, it should now be around 8:00pm. I'll have to find a restaurant in this vicinity with a private room that's large enough to hold us all. With my brothers and sister and kids, there will be a minimum of 16 people.

We'll be done with dinner by... Well, by then it'll be way too late for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.

Yet, I'm not all that disappointed... Anymore.

Happy Holidays!

Soule Restaurant: From the Mind of ILL

Happy holidays, readers of the Mind of ILL.

I have always hated the Christmas season. I'm a Scrooge. And a Grinch. A Scrinch, if you will.

December first is when kids start behaving, believing that these three weeks will erase everything prior; that you’ll forget all about the 62 they got on that science test.

And they come up with Christmas lists that are longer than the reasons why I should not be allowed to write.

Reason #641: I believe if you make up a word up and someone understands the meaning, it’s a word. (i.e. “Betterer,” which means better than better.)

My daughter emailed me (yes... emailed me) a Christmas list with 26 things on it.

She's gonna get them cause she's been good all year.

But... Who will help me with my list? Ladies & Gentlemen... And Low-Lifes... My Christmas Wish List For 2009:

1) I want all reality shows on TV to go away. Please. I should not know that Jon & Kate have 8 and are getting divorced.

2) I would like President Barrack Hussein Obama to share his Nobel Peace Prize with the Smuckers Corporation. Why? Goober Grape. It’s Peanut Butter. And Jelly. In ONE JAR!!! One Jar!!!

3) Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, ALL jobs should have 4 day work weeks. Including mass transit. Except liquor stores. And Soulé. (Workin' on that free meal.)

4) I want a PS3. Paypal me and I'll video tape my purchasing said game system.
Happy Holidays!

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Soule Restaurant: The Buzz

After inflating rent, Brooklyn landlords find storefront empty during sour economic times… The windows of more than 20 Clinton Hill small businesses were painted, stained and decorated last week by Brooklyn artists competing to become the Monet of Myrtle Ave… Legions of overjoyed Yankee fans were reporting similar symptoms - and coming up with all kinds of excuses - so they could be at the Bronx Bombers World Series victory parade… Mayor Bloomberg may have squeaked out a third term across the city - but if it was up to Brooklyn voters he would have been tossed out… 120 years ago this month, the last hanging in New York State took place at Raymond Street Jail, the turreted palace of punishment on what is now Ashland Place near Willoughby Street… Brown Memorial Baptist Church is holding a Gala fund raiser for restoration work of its 1860 early-Romanesque revival building, constructed in 1860. Councilwoman Letitia James will be guest speaker… Chanukah festivities and public Menorah lightings in Fort Greene and Clinton hill for more info or for a free menorah or candles email or call 718-974-9472… Join Melanie Levander for a gingerbread house workshop! Limited space is available. E-mail to reserve a spot now.