Dec 1, 2009

Soule Restaurant:

Number ten: Quit smoking.

But then I’ll have to be like the nonsmokers in the office with no breaks!

Number nine: Get a better job.

Actually… maybe I should just focus on getting A JOB.

Number eight: Go back to school.

Wait… tuition is HOW MUCH?

Number seven: Spend more time with family.

Yes… even the cousin with the gastrointestinal disorder…

Number six: Start going to church every Sunday.

Do they have intermission?

Number five: Get out of debt.

First… get a job.

Number four: Start going out more often, living life.

See number five.

Number three: Start traveling more often.

See number five.

Number two: Find a soul mate.

…I’ll start at Soulé.

Number one: Lose the belly bulge.

My diet starts NOW. Right after I finish this burger with fries…

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