Dec 1, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Spotlight on ARGENTINA

Argentina is the 4th largest company in the Americas; its territory encompasses mountains, plains, forests, arid zones, and ice fields.

The country has a heavy European influence, with architecture reminiscent to that of Barcelona, Paris and Rome. The official language is Spanish, however, Italian is also frequently used; the language of its largest immigrant group.

Argentines have an excellent system of education, and generally possess very refined tastes and customs. They take great pride in their dance, art and architecture.

Although the point of origin for many dances, the Argentine Tango dominates others in popularity. Museums, galleries and great architecture can be found in abundance in the capitol city, Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires’ weather remains temperate all year round, with warm temperatures from September to April and mild winter months from June to August.

The book readers in the outdoor caf├ęs, the dancers in the smoky tango bars, and the passionate citizens discussing government and futbol on the street-corners are all part of the essence of Buenos Aires.

The city has one of the greatest entertainment and nightlife hubs in the world.

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