Jul 31, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Get That Job!

With almost 16 million people out of work, job competition is fierce. The consensus is that no one is hiring; however, most companies are not out of business. The number of positions available are limited, but they do exist.

There are many things you can do to give yourself an edge in this market. It is important to remain positive and diligent in your search, but keep these tips in mind:

 Focus. Applying for jobs for which you’re not qualified is a waste of time and effort. However, don’t be unwilling to accept a pay cut or less benefits for something in your field. Getting a foot in the door is much more valuable in this economy.

 Don’t rely solely on the internet for your job search. Job search databases are flooded with resumes; and so, footwork is a requisite.

 Contact the companies in which you’re interested in working. They sometimes have positions available that are not made readily available to the public.

 Research the company and position of interest and tailor your cover letter to suit that position. Your résumé should also highlight the qualities you’re bringing to the company rather than ones that are irrelevant.

If you get an interview, you already have the qualifications needed for the position. The key is to sell yourself; make them see that they need you.

 The interview begins when you arrive. Arrive early and be courteous to everyone, including the receptionist.

 Always dress in a neat and professional manner. Even if told to dress casually, wearing a nice suit will make a great impression.

 Be attentive during the interview; keep eye contact with your interviewer and turn your cell phone off.

 Don’t speak badly of any of your former employers. Focus on what you can bring to the company with whom you’re interviewing.

 Bring questions. When you don’t ask questions at the end, it appears that you’re not interested in the position.

 After the interview, send a thank you note, either by email or a handwritten card in the mail. This is common practice as well as common courtesy.

 Following up with a call after a few days is fine. Calling and emailing constantly or stopping by the office is not.

 Don’t stop your job search while waiting for the company to respond. The worst thing that can happen from interviewing with other companies is that you receive multiple offers.

But really… does that sound like a problem to you?

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