Jul 31, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Workout... For the Bedroom?

“The most erotic dancer I ever saw was a 250 pound Jewish girl wearing braces, who, as she got up to dance, just floated… I was awestruck; dumbfounded by her beauty. This is when I realized that it doesn’t matter what you look like; it’s about how you move your body... when those hips moved, the men were riveted.”
Sheila Kelley, Founder of S Factor Fitness

Working out is effective when done consistently, but sometimes, it’s just not fun. For those who need more motivation, there is a solution.

Pole Dancing!

In preparation for a movie role as a stripper, Sheila Kelley became more fit than ever, as well as more comfortable with her body. Inspired, she created S Factor; a fitness method that incorporates ballet and yoga into pole dancing. Her method encourages more overtly sexual behavior, inspiring women to have more confidence in their curves.

Embraced in Hollywood and backed by many, including Teri Hatcher, Kate Hudson and Oprah Winfrey, classes are now available in New York. An Intro to Pole Dancing class teaches the basics before moving to Climb & Spin class.

One of the first moves you’ll learn is the Walk Around; simple, but very sexy. With shoulders pulled back and butt and chest out, hold the pole in the crook of your arm and strut slowly and with confidence around the pole.

Another is called the Bridge. Hold the pole with one hand and straddle it while slowly bending your knees and arching your back, easing backwards until you can see the person behind you.

The erotic Ripple is done holding the pole with one hand and leaning forward with your shoulders, butt out. Move your stomach forward until it touches the pole, and pull your shoulders back until the pole is between your legs in slow motion.
The Leg Grip is harder than it looks; hold the pole with both hands and jump onto it, gripping it between your thighs, while extending one leg and spinning.

The Reverse Hold is done by grasping the pole with both hands, arms extended above your head. Hook the pole in the bend of your right leg and cross your feet behind you, spinning slowly and seductively.

These moves don’t sound very athletic, but they work.

They’re also a pretty cool way to spice up your personal life… did I mention you can get a portable pole for a really good price?

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