Jul 31, 2009

Soule Restaurant's Spotlight on BARBADOS!

Barbados is the Caribbean island that lies the furthest east; it is unique in that it was created by the merging of two land masses by volcanic action. The island is primarily flat, gently sloping inward to a central highland region, and is famous for its pristine white sand beaches.

Although Barbados was originally inhabited by Arawaks, and then Caribs, the island was deserted upon the arrival of England in 1627. England imported slaves and began cultivating tobacco and cotton, and later, sugarcane.

Its population now consists of 90% black, 4% white and 6% Asian and mixed descent, and Barbadians or Bajans (colloquial pronunciation), are known for being exceptionally friendly and generous.

August is a festive time for Barbados, with the finale of the country’s five-week summer festival called Crop Over. Historically, Crop Over marked the end of the sugar season, when a festival was held to celebrate the sugarcane harvest. With the decline of the Barbados sugar industry in the ‘40’s, the traditional Crop Over festival came to an end. The tradition was revived in 1974 and infused with other elements of Barbadian culture to produce the current extravaganza that attracts revelers from all over the world.

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