Jul 31, 2009

Soule Restaurant: The Buzz

The city-owned Strand Theatre at 647 Fulton Street will be renovated for expanded use by BRIC – the Brooklyn cultural organization that manages Celebrate Brooklyn… Homeless? The city will buy you a plane ticket to anywhere… Coke is introducing a new product: Carbonated Milk. Is it just me who’s a bit skeeved?... Cops in Brooklyn are investigating "multiple animal tongues nailed to various trees" in Prospect Park. Huh?... The Daily News has a report card on our beaches, and of the 13 rated in the annual "Testing the Water" guide, things aren't looking so good… Former MTA worker and new multimillionaire Aubrey Boyce picked up his $133 million from the Mega Millions folks at Grand Central -- nearly $55 million (post tax) in a lump sum payment. Is he single? (I’m kidding!)… At a time when many families are cutting back on eating out, the City Council is reminding parents that there’s a way their children can eat for free. The Department of Education’s Summer Meals Program provides free breakfast and lunch for children under 18… Word on the street is that British mega-brand Topshop may open its doors in Fort Greene next year. Like H&M but trendier, Topshop has more of a cult following and is a bit more expensive. The opening of the Soho store was so intense that they now employ bouncers to keep order among the masses…

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