Oct 5, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Whistling Through Life?

When a company hires you, it’s no favor. Good employees are valuable, and difficult to find, and the best companies are very aware of this fact.

Many companies can clearly demonstrate this understanding through their treatment of summer interns. They are worked pretty hard; however, managers will routinely mentor them, and after graduation, the company will often offer a full time position to these young adults.

It is never too early to think of summer internships. The best opportunities are generally offered to those who maintain good GPAs, so grades should be a priority from now. It is also important to begin cultivating relationships with professors who can offer letters of recommendation and networking with professionals who can keep you in the loop with regard to internships within their field.

Many companies have Human Resources professionals whose focus is solely on recruitment; you’ll find them at College career fairs. Make your attendance at these fairs habitual, and keep in mind that these fairs are essentially job interviews. Dress, speak and behave in a professional manner and carry updated resumes for distribution. If you lack experience, your resume should focus on education. Remember, you’re selling yourself, so don’t be shy.

Collect business cards from companies that pique your interest and follow up periodically. Networking is key.

There are so many who are employed in fields that are not of their choosing because they whistled through life, taking whatever opportunities they stumbled across with no clear direction. Grabbing opportunities as they arise is an excellent skill; however, helping to shape those opportunities through direction and focus is even better... and not all that difficult. Try it.

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