Nov 1, 2009

Soule Restaurant: From the Mind of ILL

As I write this on the morning of the Parade in New York for the World Champion New York Yankees (27th Championship... next Closest? Oakland Athletics, 9) I feel pride.

I am not a bandwagon fan like others. I remember when the REAL R. Kelly (Jheri Curl Spokesman Roberto Kelly) patrolled Centerfield, before Bernabe Figueroa Williams played.

I remember when Matt Nokes was our best player.

Yeah. “Who?”

So I tip my 2009 World Series Champion Fitted to Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, Derek Sanderson Jeter, Andrew Eugene Pettitte, and Justin Louis Heath.

(Look up who that is... may surprise you.)

I bring this up to ask: who will have a parade for me?

I paid my rent.

I want a parade.

I made it to work on time.

Parade ME.

I had a good date.

I wanna get... Um... Might rhyme with parade. (Hint: it also rhymes with Pet Made.)

Someone sent me a beat this morning and I listened to it while getting ready to go to the plantation. (aka work)

For those that don't know, I also do music. Your favorite klown, ILL Wayne Gacey.
When I record it, I'll share.

Follow me on Twitter, too, @ILLWayneGacey. I have 90 followers. Five people and 85 spambots.

Yay, me!

On a serious note, condolences to the families of the victims of the unfortunate incident at Fort Hood.

Victor Torres

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