Apr 11, 2010

Soule Restaurant: From the Mind of ILL

You can love me or hate me, but the feeling is mutual.

How's everyone doin' this go 'round?


The month where Klowns such as myself have an entire 24-hour period dedicated to our insane ways.

Y'know... April 1st? April Fool's Day?

And what fool is better than the fool that is I?

No one! That is who! For example: The song Papa Was A Rolling Stone. At the end of the chorus, the phrase "When he died all he left us was alone" is sung... Sang... Songded...

Well, ask someone if the song means all he left us was "alone" or "a loan" as in "an unpaid debt." Either way, that's messed up! Damn you, Pops!

I wanna talk about Twitter. Why? Because I can. It’s my article...

I will admit, I follow a motley crew of characters.

From some rappers who are intelligent and sarcastic (@Jeangreasy, a great emcee by any standards) to um... adult entertainers... to comics I truly admire (@affioncrockett, @kevinhart4real, the Wayans family [waaaay too many to list] to some of my musical idols --@djscratch, who I had the privilege of meeting @ SOB's and laughing about Roscoe P. Coltrane from The Dukes Of Hazzard, @GeneralSteele 1/2 of the legendary duo Smif-Wessun—the other half? @teksmokeelah, to Brand Nubian's finest @Lordjamar and @Sadat X.).

Twitter has been a fun way to talk to people and keep in contact with some people you admire, and just so you know ahead of time, people with 2 million followers …ain't gonna answer you back.

No Diddy Tweets... No Ashton replies.


And if you follow people you actually know? It’s actually easier to pick up the phone and call. And text. Oh—follow @soulerestaurant (thanks for allowing me to spew my unorthodox opinions) and follow @ILLWayneGacey.

That's me.

But beware. You get a much tamer version of me in this newsletter. On Twitter, there are NO HOLDS BARRED! I even have my own trending topic: #DaKlownIsAJerk. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

On Tuesday, March 30, Soule Restaurant had its inaugural "From The Mind Of ILL" Open Mic. Comics such as Pedro Lee, Luke Thayer and Talia performed and it was a variety of comic styles but nonetheless, a success.

Hosted by Yours Truly (bows, curtsey and two steps) for a first time, it was a success.

So thankfully (or regretfully depending on how you felt about the comedy) there will be another From The Mind Of ILL Open Mic Comedy Night on Monday, April 26th!

Well, I guess I should say Happy Easter, but I will leave you with this thought: Rabbits don't lay eggs.

They give birth like all other mammals. If a bunny walks up to you offering a chocolate egg, that ain't chocolate. And if you eat it? You nasty!

Till next time.

…Victor Torres

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