Sep 11, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Back to School... Tattoos?

I'm gettin' old.

It’s gettin' ugly.

Disturbingly ugly.

I found three gray hairs in my beard; in different locations so they definitely stood out.

I got out of bed the other day and my knee cracked.

The extent of my exercise is a sit-up a day: half when I get up out of bed, the other half when I lay down.

I had my 1st prostate exam, but I will definitely spare you all the details.

It’s back to school time!

Back to losing your seat on the bus and train. Back to hearing the latest Jay Z album (eh) or Raekwon's album (bananas!) out of a kid's headphones.

I was on the bus this Tuesday, the first day the refrigerator raiders of the summer were heading back to school, and I couldn’t help but think...

When I was younger, we were always happy with our new school clothes.

In Junior High, I used to try on my clothes a couple of days before school started, and walk around to picture how I’d look trying to get a chick’s phone number.

Thinking I was fly.

(Looking fly beat out phone number by A LOT).

Well, while I was on the bus listening to stories of summer conquests and vacations, I watched kids compare their back to school... TATTOOS.

That is not a typo.

I remember at the tender age of 14, I asked my mom for an earring.

After I awoke from the clothesline ala Big John Studd style, (my father), I waited a few years to get that earring.

Tattoos on a high school kid?

Next, you're gonna tell me that 6-year olds have cell phones and iPods.

Wait... They do?

...Victor Torres

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