Sep 11, 2009

Soule Restaurant's Spotlight on BELIZE

Although officially a part of Central America, Belizeans enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean as well as the jungles of Central America.

Most Belizeans are of multiracial descent, with almost 44% of mixed Mayan and European descent, and 30% of African and Afro-European descent. The remaining percentage encompasses Mayan, Afro-Amerindian, European, East Indian, Chinese and North American cultures.

Belize’s terrain is flat and swampy at the coastline with low mountains in the interior. The 200-mile Belize Reef encompasses many small islands called Cayes, popular amongst kayakers and snorkelers.

Inland lies several ruins of the Ancient Mayan Civilizations, with pyramids reminiscent of those in Egypt.

The most popular, Lamanai, means submerged crocodile in the Mayan language. Set atop the western bluff of the new River Lagoon in a pristine rainforest, Lamanai is the 3rd largest archaeological site in Belize.

Belize attracts tourists interested in exploring the ruins which lie in the dense tropical rainforests, bird watchers in the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary and snorkelers of Caye Caulker on the Northern Cayes.

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