Jan 1, 2010

Soule Restaurant: Save a Life. Give Blood

January is National Blood Donor Month!
This year, over 4 million Americans will depend on a transfusion to survive an illness or injury, and the numbers increase by 9% every year. Yet, only 5% of possible donors give blood.
The need for donors is particularly imperative for several reasons. Blood cannot be manufactured or substituted. Donated blood must go through rigorous tests before being used, and highly perishable; after 42 days, it is no longer usable. Consequently, regular donors are vital.
Ideal donors are between 17 and 76 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be able to pass a complete health screening, which includes blood pressure, temperature, pulse and iron level tests. Potential donors are also subject to personal questions to determine whether they have high risk for HIV, hepatitis and other infectious diseases. Those who recently got a tattoo have to wait a year before giving blood, and those with cold symptoms must wait until they’re well.
If you're unsure about being a blood donor candidate, check with your physician.
If you're like most people, you have a gift that you can keep on giving. Since you can spare it, why not share it…regularly. And, encourage your family and friends. After all, you never know when you or someone you love could use it.
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