Feb 1, 2010

Soule Restaurant: Love Letters

Sex and the City's Mr. Big had the right idea when he sought to recapture Carrie's heart.

Love letters.
Admittedly, he wasn't a writer, so he copied the love letters from Love Letters of Great Men and Women: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day, and sent them to her regularly.


I want a love letter. But with today's broad range of communication options, snail mail has lost its general appeal, eliciting imagery only of credit card statements and household bills.

I’d like to surprise someone this Valentine’s Day with a love note.

Dear Crush,

Has anyone ever told you that your eyes are like windows to your soul? When I look into them, I get lost, because I SEE you.

I see your strength and concern, your honesty and sincerity, your desire... And I'm adrift... unable to focus.

I imagine the comfort of being in your arms; the security and the danger. I’m perilously close to falling from the edge of a cliff but I can’t tear myself away.

I imagine standing close to you and whispering in your ear while your heat permeates my skin, so vividly that it's almost tangible.

I imagine your touch, so sweet that it burns, leaving trails of fire on my skin.

I open my eyes and you're gone.

I’m desolate, but only for a moment, because, my crush, my love, the feelings I have for you are so painfully sweet, I fear consummation would be death.

And so... I'll admire you from afar and love you in my dreams.

No, I’m not confident enough to sign my name… but who knows? Maybe I’ll write again. And maybe I’ll eventually sign my name… and maybe we will eventually meet.
Maybe my crush will keep my letters as mementos. Maybe he won’t be able to discard them as easily as he’d press delete.

You know, Mr. Big sent letters every day, and he got his love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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