Jun 19, 2009

Soule Restaurant: Spotlight on ARUBA!

Aruba is a flat, riverless island known for its beautiful white sand beaches.

Originally colonized by Spain, it was acquired by the Dutch in 1636 and remains a Dutch colony today. Its climate is dry and hot, moderated by constant trade winds, and it’s located in the Caribbean Sea, just north of Venezuela. The ethnicity of the island is white/Amerindian; however, there are more than 40 different cultures among natives. The native language of Aruba is Papiamento, with elements of Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, several different African languages, and Arawak Indian.

The majority of the land surrounding Aruba is untouched by humans, and has gained tremendous ecological appeal among tourists. Divi trees, native to Aruba, grow at a forty-five degree angle because of the constant trade winds. Lost tourists are told to follow the Divi trees, as they always point to the hotels.

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