Jun 18, 2009

Soule Restaurant: An Ode to Dads

Fathers play a vital role in the lives of children, and in appreciation, let us take a moment to acknowledge their importance in our lives:

Dads Rock!

Dads are providers.

They covertly fill Santa's shoes with no expectation of praise, and they give the best gifts--not just because they want to play too. They take care of home, even when times are most difficult.

Dads are enforcers.

They send you to bed when your mouth gets too big; they monitor your grades and react accordingly. They're always on the lookout for behavioral signs of substance abuse. In fact, 75% of adolescents in chemical abuse centers, 85% of children with behavior disorders, and 71% of High School dropouts are from fatherless homes.

Dads are protectors.

They keep you in protective custody, sheltering you from things you just don't need to see.

Dads are fun.

They're coaches of any sport and builders of clubhouses, (or tree houses if you're lucky enough to have a massive tree at your disposal.) They're teachers of bike riding and the best video game opponents; rulers of grills and master (ahem) repairmen. They won't heal bruised knees with kisses like Moms. They use tickles.

In honor of all that you do, Dad, we love you, today and always.

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